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Goldberg to answer Brock Lesnar’s WrestleMania challenge
After being humiliated twice by Goldberg, first at Survivor Series and again in the Royal Rumble Match,
Brock Lesnar wants to settle the score in a final battle at WrestleMania. Will the WCW icon agree to clash
with The Beast Incarnate on The Grandest Stage of Them All?
Seth Rollins’ injury status to be revealed
As a result of Samoa Joe’s shocking ambush on Raw, Seth Rollins reinjured his right knee and was not medically
cleared to compete at WWE’s weekend Live Events. However, what does that mean for Monday Night Raw?
One week after Triple H’s “Destroyer” unleashed on The Architect, we’ll learn the severity of Rollins’ injury.
How long will he be out of action? Will Triple H address Rollins’ condition, which could very well put him on
the shelf for his second straight WrestleMania?
Will Braun Strowman strike back against Roman Reigns?
Braun Strowman was seemingly moments away from capturing the WWE Universal Championship last Monday night.
In fact, if Roman Reigns hadn’t interfered in last week’s title match — saving his nemesis, Kevin Owens,
in the process — The Monster Among Men would likely be carrying Team Red’s flagship title on his massive
shoulder right now.
The Big Dog culminated his attack with a Spear that laid out Strowman at ringside and, just so The Prizefighter
doesn’t get the idea that he’s off the hook with Reigns, Owens received a Spear of his own moments later. With
Strowman’s WWE Universal Title opportunity against Owens spoiled by “The Guy,” will The Monster Among Men retaliate
in brutal fashion on Raw?
Goldberg responds to Brock Lesnar’s challenge to a final battle at WrestleMania
Brock Lesnar has never been perceived as an underdog, but whenever he goes up against Goldberg, The Conqueror
looks more like The Conquered. Unwilling to let his humiliations at the hands of the WCW icon go unanswered,
The Beast Incarnate has thrown down the gauntlet for one final battle at this year’s WrestleMania.
After Paul Heyman issued the challenge on behalf of his client, Goldberg tweeted that he will be at Raw tonight
to give his answer. Will he agree to settle the score with Lesnar, once and for all?
Does Sami Zayn top the “list” of U.S. Title contenders?.

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