Truelife Story – Why I Love You For Six Years By Wc Dmj (Episode 2)

STORY TITLE: Truelife Story – Why I Love You For Six Years By Wc Dmj (Episode 2)

Someone called my name and i was like who knew me here, it happens to be my class mate from primary school, he was also admitted to my new school then we greeted, and we gisted about our formal school, we talked about our teachers, the differences and similarities of our secondary school and our primary school.
For the first week of resumption new student troop to our class, and we started interacting and having fun together, i was still happy to be in school until the second week. we were told that we are having sport activities every Wednesday, then students came in different colors of sport wear on Wednesday, only i and my class mates where left out, because we’ve not been given the sport wear. When i got home that day i went to my mum and told her i needed a sport wear too and yellow to be precise, she told me that can’t be bought in the market ,that only the school issue that, and i have paid for that alongside my school fees, that the school will give that to me soon.
Third week of resumption went it was all fun and cool; we are now used to the system. The fourth week, i now have friends too whom we study together, play together and do other things. Then on Monday of the fourth week, we were asked to submit our mathematics assignment of 1-1000. Then i asked the teacher that where does 123… ends to? I told her i mean the last number. And she told me that it doesn’t have end, and i was like is 123 God ? because my Sunday school teacher taught me it is only God that doesnot have an end, then i told her i promise to find the end of 123…and she said no problem. Then it was another assignment for the whole class. Then i determined to go on research to know the end of 123…what was my outcome? Am i right? Am i wrong? Watch out for Episode 3…

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