Truelife Story – Why I Love You For Six Years By Wc Dmj (Episode 1)

STORY TITLE: Truelife Story – Why I Love You For Six Years By Wc Dmj (Episode 1)
Early in the morning,every where was cool, the cock crowed and everybody in the family were on the move to prepare for the daily activities, I was woken up by my elder sister,i stood up and stretched as if I am preparing for a race, I went to the bathroom brushed my teeth and took my bath,I was happy I am attending a new school, actually a junior secondary,I was happy in my new uniform,new shoes,new socks,my elder brother called me, its time for breakfast,after eating we set out for my new School.
When I got to the school, everything was new,it is not the kind of environment have always been, it was not like primary school, that teachers do sat in the class permanently, i was thinking amidst me that where is the teacher’s chair and table,I didn’t get any response..then I continue watching the scenario, the bell was rung for all student to go downstairs for the morning devotion, it was a little different from that of my primary school, after the assembly everybody moved to the class,unlike primary school that we have to march like a soldier preparing for war.
After all student where sitted, a teacher came in, she was tall at least 1.7m by height she is not that fair in complexion, she was a little bit slim, with dark eyebrow, she was putting on a black blaizer,with purple inner, with a pink shoe.then she introduced herself as Miss collins, she said she is our mathematics teacher, then she asked us to introduce our selves and the school we came from everybody did that slow and steady when it was my turn I stood up pause for little look at my shoes to the wristwatch and face the teacher and I told her my name is Ms. FEDERICK BAMIDELE and I told her I was from Glorious primary school.she taught us for the period of 45 minutes and she gave us an assignment to write from 1-1000, then I was like, what ? Na Only mr go write this assignment, This Secondary school na Die Hard o, then the next teacher came in, it went like that for up to 1hr then I learnt that each subject will take 45 minutes, after 3 periods the bell rang for break,all students went out, some group of people to play ball and some to buy food,and other things, i don’t like playing football so I just have to bring out my food from my launch box to eat and just take a book to read since am not interested in football, but something happened when I was about to eat.
Watchout for episode 2 we just getting started…

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