Is Something Fishy about Buharis Welfare ?

Buhari has been out of the state in some few days, before he left he posted on his twitter handle that he is going on a 1 week vacation and Osibajo should be the acting President !!! Just for one week and he hasnot done that before.
Apart from that, actually he only told us he was going on vacation and the next thing we are seeing is that he is going on a medical leave. Another lie.
Now Metro News Uk came up with a news that The President is dead and that got alot of tongues waggling and some high profilic politicians said its a big NO and after some time a picture of the President watching a Tv programme was seen online.
Hows somebody on a medical leave expected to be in a hospital be watching news ? And MetroNews havent Bring Down the Post Claiming The President is Dead
Now the last part, a news just engulfed online saying nobody is planning to remove osibajo as the Vice President which nobody has ever heard of. Something is wrong somewhere.
Anyways, i think nigerians have the right to know whats wrong / the medical situation of its president.
What are your prayers for the president ?

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