And The Winner of The HypesTvCompetition2 is !!!!

This is the result of the #HypesTvCompetition2 and we realy delayed the result cause of this reason.
The hypestv team are not impressed with the guys who participated in the competition, they didnot even inspire us in any way.
We were suppose to shoot a standard video for the winner and sign him to Urban Life Entertainment. But these guys are lazy.
No Hard Feelings, the highest vote amongst them is 256, so sad.
Even the 1st competition we did, the guys did well. The least amongst them who was the person that loss in the competition had 500 votes.
We the hypestv team had met twice and what we were able to decide on was that we wont be shooting the video as promised and sign anybody.
They should have put more effort at least, the least person should have 256votes i Think not the winner.
We shall just let him do a song and give it Promotion.
What do you think guys ?
Our own view thogh.

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