Please Advice Me – Someone Borrowed My Cloth and Went To Slim-Fit It

This seems to be funny but it isnot funny, we got this news in our mail so we decided to share it wit our beloved readers.
This story came in like this.

Hello Hypestv Media, thanks for always keeping us entertained with your hastening in updating latest music and entertainmet news. My reason for writing this letter is this article is to seek advice because i feel frustrated right now and i dont want to commit suicide. Last 2 weeks my friend called me that he was going to a party around lekki, that i should please borrow him a cloth of mine. I did not want to borrow him at first but as friends i did. I gave him the cloth 3 days to the party.
It was a BOSS Sharp Fit Dress Shirt , which i got for USD125.00
A day to the party another friend of mine came and invited me to a party too. So i decided to follow him. we went to the party the party and it was a Birthday Party of a lady.
As i sat down with my friend i saw my other friend i borrowed cloth coming at the party in my cloth. He looked more handsome. As he came closer to me, i called out for him, on seeing me, he was afraid and started shivering. I was suprised and i went to him.
Lo and behold, on getting closer to him. I noticed the cloth he was wearing was tigher than mine. as i wanted to talk. He said i shouldnot be anoid that the cloth was bigger than him so he went to SLIM FIT and and not that again, that he had Cut away the Slim Fitted Part away because it was making him feel uncomfortable

I left the party in annoyance and i have not seen him since then. I was going to kill him if i see him.
But i dont want to take law into my hands. Please advice me what should i do ?
Lol. I saw this and i dont think i can answer him.
Our beloved readers, answer him please…..

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