‘I’m an elephant, Conor McGregor isn’t in my league, it’s an insult to compare us ” Floyd Mayweather rants (Video)

Retired multi-millionaire boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, who has never lost a fight has launched a rant against UFC multi millionaire champion Conor McGregor.
Conor McGregor, became the first fighter in UFC history to be crowned with double championship belts after defeating lightweight champion Eddie Alvarezon Saturdayprompting Forbes magazine to write that McGregor should be compared with Muhammad Ali and not Mayweather. and now the boxer has reacted sensationally in a new video obtained by TMZ Sports.
‘Don’t compare Conor McGregor to me, it’s disrespect. I’m an elephant, elephants don’t beef with ants’ ‘Elephant is so large, he don’t even see ants’ “I mean if you’re saying he’s the Floyd Mayweather of the MMA, I’m trying to find out. Have you ever made $300 million in one night? Have you ever made $100 million in one night?”
Watch the video below.
Floyd Mayweather is sick of the Conor McGregor comparisons!
Check out the clip and don’t miss the full thing on TMZ Sports tonight on @FS1! pic.twitter.com/xXDBPnMgWp— TMZ Sports (@TMZ_Sports) November 15, 2016

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