7-Year-Old Boy Who Was Beaten And Burnt To Death For Stealing Garri

PDP’s New Media Director, Deji Adeyanju shared a photo of a young boy said to be about 7-year-old who was allegedly given jungle justice as he was beaten severely by a mob and burnt to death. The location of the incident is unknown.
Nigerians have taken to Twitter to react to the dastardly act.
I’ve always said this, Jungle Justice is a barbaric act that must be condemned by all, see what was done to a 7yr old becos he stole garri. pic.twitter.com/Zq9OwjJeQD— Mr. Olisaemeka ™ (@OlisaOsega) November 16, 2016
Phone, garri, money.. Whatever he stole, That’s a child for God’s sake.. https://t.co /DmvKmbD68r— A L I Y U (@aliiyu__) November 16, 2016
This is hard to stomach… A 7yr killed because of Garri. For God sake!! People are Evil.. Poverty is not an Excuse!!— Ari Gold (@Baffah__g) November 16, 2016
Steal Billions and become a Chairman in your Area, and Chieftaincy bestowed on you by your People, Steal Garri and be Burnt, Jungle Justice— Akpos (@officialsimcard) November 16, 2016
If you were one of those that killed that boy over garri, or you just even watched you are going to hell— Oluwashina (@Nijafineboy) November 16, 2016
You people will be runningafter politicians stealing our billions and you burnt someone for stealing garri or cellphone….— Snapchat: Cheyee_b (@Cheyee_B) November 16, 2016
Jungle justice isn’t the solution, be it Garri or cellphone, 7 years or 30 years…. He doesn’t deserve to be lynched or burnt. Xoxo wrong— Snapchat: Cheyee_b (@Cheyee_B) November 16, 2016
God will not have mercy on a country where kids are burnt to death for stealing Garri.— Dr. Dipo Awojide (@OgbeniDipo) November 16, 2016
Our Justice system.
Steal billions > 1month in a luxurious prison.
Steal millions > 1year.
Thousands >10years.
Phone/garri > Burn alive.— Umeh and 99 others (@UmehOMA) November 16, 2016
A 7yr old boy stole garri & U burn im 2 deathBut wen Politicians fleece ur future away wt deir pen, U hail demGod’s judgement awaits u!
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— Olumuyiwa Amao (@talk2smat) November 16, 2016
The depressing thing about the 7yr old who was burnt alive for stealing garri, is that even before the court of law, he is still a juvenile.— Charles the 1st (@9jaBloke) November 16, 2016
They killed that kid because of garri? Come on!!! Ordinary garri? He was hungry, nobody fit give am 2cups, then, warn am?— D’Padre™ (@D_WarEagle) November 16, 2016
Anyone who steals Garri right now should be given groundnut and Sugar, not burnt to death.— Witty_Wicked_Wizard (@iam_oyebode) November 16, 2016

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