Do You Prefer Turn Up Music Or Meaningful Music ?

Dear music lovers, hope you doing well.
This question got me contemplating and i havent been able to get a good answer so i decided to share the question with you.

Do You Prefer Turn Up Music Or Meaningful Music ?
The question tends to be simple but its somehow confusing.
Now let me analyze it for you.
A turn up is a music that will get you dancing , the beat will do good but the lyrics will be too razz & maningless. And its going to get you dancing even if you dont like the song, you will love the beat i bet it wit you. Example is ‘Legely – Ijo Eko’. Am not discriminating the artiste though but looking at the song it made a lot of waves but it isnot that educating but i could say most of us listen to beat not lyrics and again even some of our A-List artistes sing these turn up songs too, just that they add a little maturity.

A meaningful music is a high standard song, most people will say a meaningful song is a love song. No, i dont buy the idea. A meaningful song can be a of any genre and type of music. A meaningful song will be a slow beat song and now fasr and again dancing to it might sound awful but if you can dance Fela Dance or Tango Dance then you surely will and Can Dance to the song.

Again a meaningful song is always solemn though some might be a little bit fast but they are not realy fast and as slow and solemn as they are, if you listen to them very well you are surely going to learn alot from them..
Now i think i have explained the question, now

Do You Prefer Turn Up Music Or Meaningful Music ?
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