To The Ladies : What Will You Do If You Go To Your Boyfriends Place And…

To The Ladies : What Will You Do
If your boyfriend invites you to his house and you went to his house ten times but he did not have sex with you, he did not make love to you and he did not even kiss you at all
but he is nice and caring,
what will you do?
1. You will assume that he is impotent, so you
will quit the relationship.
2. you will still be dating him and love him more.
3. you will ask him if he is normal or not; but will not quit.
4. He is not man enough so you will quit dating him.
5. you will assume that he does not love you. So you will leave him.
6. you will assume that he has self control so you will still date him.
7. Others (Specify).

What Will You Do ??

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