Nigerian Music and Our Vocabulary Part 1

Below are popular slangs culled from Nigerian Music that has become part of our conversational vocabulary especially vernacular communication.

Lauding someone’s reputation for a particular act.
Someone who lived below expected standard.
3.”Fi le”-D’Banj
Synonymous with broadcasting stations when you’re required not to touch the dial.
4.”Awon smellos”-Olamide
As at the time when”frosh” was the in-thing for n*ggaz, smellos was the exact opposite.
5.”No Shaking”- 2face
Expresses one’s state of being/temporary state of affairs.
6.”Ibu Alobam”-Phyno
Alobam is a term for My padi or my n*gga
7.”Shoro Niyen”-Olamide
This is the perfect reply to some kind “yans”
To intensify an expression on a subject matter
9.”Notin de happen”-2face
This ascertains a state of chill.
10.”Turn up”-Olamide
Showing up where there is music and booze. To be continued!!!

Skiborobo skibo, am out of here, feel free to add yours.
There’s love in Sharing!!!

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