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Panda by Desiigner literally became the number
one rap song in the US after it dropped and I
knew it was a matter of time before rappers the
world over gave us their remixes. As a music
buff and rap head, I was more concerned with
the cover African lyricists were gonna bring to
the table. Desiigner talked about Drugs, Crime,
Violence and Money so it was important for me
to know the message coming from Africa on this
iconic beat. Sarkodie didn’t disappoint with his
‘KANTA’ version of ‘PANDA’ flowing in his
trademark Ghana language while exhibiting great
lyrical prowess but unfortunately he fell short of
my expectations by reducing the message to
mere diss laced with vulgarities. Thats one thing
I hate, giving me extra assignment to edit a song
before putting it on air. Then out of the blues
came another ‘PANDA’ cover offering. This time
by Utown, Nigeria based rapper,
JUST6! He is about the same age bracket with
Desiigner but his lyrical prowess has been well
known to South East Nigerian residents owing to
the fact that his previous singles had made it to
the playlist of prominent radio stations. Just6
called his input ‘FADA’…Favoured And Distinct
Altogether.. The title gives one a first hand
understanding of what to expect. He started with
the usual generic rap clichés which he developed
over time before rapping about hope, positivity,
respect, love and Ultimately God. Something you
rarely hear from homegrown rappers who fall for
the temptation of the stereotype. He infused the
metaphors appropriately and deliberately led you
on with rhythmic discipline. Just6 toyed with
Antithesis, a dangerous style which some rappers
fail at but he excelled, a pointer to the fact that
he knows his literature well. ‘FADA’ is a relief
and indeed a game changer. A feel good song
that highlights the beauty of the Igbo language
when creatively used in rap music. It’s one song
you can be comfortable to put on replay even
when your kids are around. It’s motivational and
above all pure. A song that should be on your
playlist. It was produced my super hit maker @dozzybreezy
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