Download #HypesTvCompetition Top 5 Finalist – Vote Now

#HypesTvCompetition Top 5 Finalist – Vote Now

The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here!.
After the beat had about 1500 downloads, we didnot receive much submission (reason we dont know.) after reviewing 12 entries sent in, HypesTv Media and #HypesTvCompetion present to you the #HypesTvCompetition Top 5 Finalist.
From our own end here, we could decide the winner, but we will like to carry you guys along, so we decided to make brought in a voting idea.
So, right now, all you need to do is download and listen to all 5 β€œ#HypesTvCompetitio” freestyles and VOTE for the best ones, in your opinion.
voting : when you download the song, we / everyone can see the download rates, so at the end of the voting the 3 people with the highest downloads are the winner.
Remember; the winner of the #HypesTvCompetition will get a FREE feature with Ceejay (and with the help of our Team, the song will be posted on many platforms), a Free Camoku Cloth / Cap , a Record deal with Ehe , Free Online Promotion On Hypestv etc.
The voting starts NOW and closes on Thursday, August 11 at 11:59pm Nigerian Time.
Hurry up and get the votes in!
May the force be with you!.
First and Foremost, if you song is not listed here, its not that you are not good or cant sing, but it didnot meet the criteria of our Judges, you should put more effort and this should not get you anoid please.
At the end of our screening, these are the 5songs that are selected.


Download Dexterous Crazy Freestyle (Prod. By Dj Otb Howlbert)


Spicy Tee

Spicy Tee
Download Spicy Tee – Yanke (Prod. By Dj Otb Howlbert)


King Ezzy

King Ezzy
Download King Ezzy Bamidele (Prod. By Dj Otb Howlbert)


Niytenor & Adewale

Niytenor and Adewale
Download Niytenor & Adewale – Capitalist (Prod. By Dj’ Howlbert Otb)


Mr Lad

Download Mr Lad – Shake It (Prod. By Dj’ Howlbert)

#Let the voting start.
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  1. spicy tee Yankee u ,u mouthed my nigga

  2. spicy tee, Yankee, u mouthed niggar

  3. Spicy Tee

    You are too good. Your song was thrilling! Kudos!!!

  4. Dexter E sure 4 U (omo ND boko)

  5. Tanx to God U are already on top cuz all of dem no reach @Dexter (gat yhu)

  6. Nwanne your advice at ur last verse was true & dope together With ur lyrics ,nix jam keep it up ,we gat ur back @Dexter

  7. i love yhur jam @ niytenor..num 04 correct…thumbsup

  8. No need to argue, Spicy Tee is the winner. Na him get lyrics for mouth pass. Spicy Tee I sight u jare.

  9. Omo see groove…Spicy tee u be baba. My hands are up in the sky for u

  10. Dexter pls can I wine for U?
    I luv u and ur jam lyk mad

  11. Comment Text*dexter u be baba

  12. Baby no dey form yanke for me. Lol I love your song Spicy Tee. you are Good to go.. anybody wey say your water no go boil go commit suicide.

  13. Spicy tee u be bad guy o. U come even use your Edo language rap join self. U go worse pass Viktoh o. I carry hand up for u. U are good to go guy

  14. Niytenor…..more grease to your elbow……..#IsAcapitalist

  15. Spicy tee.. Your Yankee song is the best. You really murdered the beat.

  16. D X Star (Dexter) u already gat a collabo with mua ,cuz u b baba on deck ,no single hate in ur heart just dope vibes ,u murdered d beat joor

  17. Spicy tee is the best ..keep it up bro

  18. if Dexter no win ,nah wash ooooo
    Dexter u b d man though we don’t no each oda physically BT ur jam dope


  20. Thumbs up for Spicy tee the Yankee master

  21. Yanke oooooo.. Spicy tee u be sweet guy o. Your song just sweet as u self sweet. I can’t wait to see u win. U are the best. U really murdered the beat accordingly.

  22. o boi make we no lie… kingeZzy murda d veat oo. bamidele. kudos

  23. No 2. spicy tee is the winner. His song was entertaining and has a meaning which everyone could easily understand.

  24. thumbs up for u Broda!! you’ll surely gonna win @spicy tee.. my vote goes to u..

  25. You are too good. Your song was thrilling! Kudos!!!

  26. Dexter all the. way

  27. Spicy tee na u get am o . Nobody go drag am with u

  28. bragging me no want ,Dexter gat my vote

  29. Dexter dope paaaaaaaa
    u gat ma vote real niggas

  30. Dexter u do high my spirit wit dis free style, feel lyk dancing on top of Atlantic Ocean. U gat my Vote Dude

  31. Spicy tee na u get am oooooooooooo

  32. Don’t u pple knw gud music at all? Spicy tee is the guy that got my vote. He sang like he even owns the beat professionally. Spicy tee is the best jor

  33. Respect to u my guy spicy tee. I vote for u not for only your song but your rap also. E dey ginger my blood.

  34. Spicy Tee if I was asked to choose 100 times, I’ll still choose u bcos u are the lead role among dem all. I vote for u

  35. Dexter Dexter Dexter
    No rivals dude
    U gat it all

  36. u said d sun z smiling at u
    sum will keep wondering how
    nix punch line and many more u used in ur lyrics
    guys u people should listen attentively to dexterous crazy freestyle cux d jam rich paaaa
    nix punch
    nix rhythm
    nix rhymes
    dope fact and advice
    wat else ??????
    Dexter gat it all

  37. Is the competition still on,, yhu already know am gonna nail it.. Maa music is already on yah blog.

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