[Rap Battle] Can You Rap / Drop PunchLines ? Get In Here – Your Bosses Are Here

[Rap Battle] Can You Rap / Drop PunchLines ? Get In Here – Your Bosses Are Here.
Do you think you can drop punchline / Raplines.
Lets see what you are up to.
Checkout my own line.
Aimoye rapper ti mo shi ma murder bai.
Awon to diss mi lana girlfriend won ti sopo bai.
All those wack rapper eso fun won ko gba bai.
Killing every beat .mode ti fe pull trigar boi.

Can you beat it.
Drop yours via comment.
Please comment with your email.
The person with the best line gets a gift.
lets start.

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  1. …Everywhere ti n ba freestyle won ma n pe mi in
    won ni flows mhe tin GBE won Lara bi scorpion,
    we ni Mo break records, but mi o tin for n kan kan,.
    Mo sese n mu eye bo lapo ni,
    e ti gbo n kan kan!!

  2. u call yourself a king talo fun e crown gan
    talo gun iyan fun e toni ko ma worry nipa stew gan
    bere lowo dagrin aso fun e wipe molenu bi bon
    jjc rapper wanna battle mi abi erikan
    rappers yapa lotoo buh gbogbo won ko lo dope
    gbogbo wa lale flow buh gbogbo wa ko lama blow
    am better dan u rapper nd u already know
    very soon na my song u go dry here on ur radio
    freestyle section lori hypestv
    we upload any music video u neva watch on ur tv
    hypestv na best toba un ma beleive mi
    this is not the end but mofe take leave me

  3. Welcome too my hood
    Where niggas dey wear TANKTOP

    Where gee boy dey make money
    Without the use of LAPTOP

    Where you go drop rhymes
    And the street go feel you like a jamb form

    Where your screaming alone
    Sef go hit PLATFORM

  4. This is not for wack Emcees, this is not for S U
    This is for my people, so everybody want to
    It seems i warnd you, yes not to test me
    Already you dey vex me, so i go off my shirt ni
    Right now am sweating but that doesnt affect me
    When i started writin friends and family they left me
    Then i said God Help me so i can blast all those rappers Disrespect me
    Hoping the industry accepts me and not reject me
    Rappers said Ten Million in a week they are earning
    Everybody Rush into music just to be wealthy
    cant you see my brothers that their fucking brians are empty
    everyday the same song, its still the same thing
    everyday lon she remix, e jor who are they faking
    Its better you should take it, am chilling with John Kobe
    Ma bother pe o fe be si , try it, you’ll be regreting
    Am crazy more than what you’re thinking
    Am sweeter that the stinking food your mama is cooking
    i go chop you up like cookies
    I’ll be the preacher and my Guy go be my Pulpit

  5. Anajaoluwaseyi@gmail.Com

    Dey cal me LIL GRIN
    Al u niggas formin dope rappaz u beta go bak to kindagartin e lo de pampas..Amma rap to blow…Clear una dawt oh …If u no get sense beta shut yur mawt oh…Omo i b king buh no b say i no dy where crown…If u check in d bible King james no dy whre crown…

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