[HILARIOUS] What are they smoking at 5 Star Music?

Will controversy cease to end at Five Star Music Label? Certainly not, they seem to amuse us every now and then. We can’t ignore the fact that Kcee co-label owner loves putting on colored outfits like traffic signs, red, green and yellow “up and downs”.
It didn’t end there, fellow label mate Skiibi once feigned death in a desperate bid to promote a single he just released. His fake death drew tributes from top entertainment acts notably WizKid’s eulogy on Twitter. Criticisms from Nigerians didn’t go down well on the Label, Kcee who was away at that time fired manager Soso Soberekon who confirmed the death of Skiibi to a media house only to be reinstated shortly after. Another controversial action there. The fake death of Skiibi put a dent on E-moni(Kcee’s younger brother and CEO of 5 Star Music) wealth, comments citing he used the boy for money rituals. Truth be told aside being C.E.O, he is an oil and gas player. There has been calls on his head on him wearing only white clothes, and backlash from Nigerians on his lavish spending spree notably Mike Ezerunoye’s sister wedding where he reportedly sprayed millions.
The most recent trouble 5 star Music has placed upon us is that of the ongoing rant between Harrysong and his Instagram followers, some even took the fight to Twitter. The “Reggae Blues” crooner posted a picture showcasing pink lips which fans called fake, someone went further asking him for the name of the lipstick he used. This prompted Harrysong challenging his fans “please have the same guts to put down your address”. Nigerians gat no chill, fans obliged, within minutes there was a bucketload of addresses on his page. I bet he did nothing!
As we keep our fingers crossed hoping their newest addition X-busta(a rap act) won’t take the same bad wagon route of his label by keeping cool and not drawing unnecessary attention to prying eyes.

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